The atmosphere I seek to create is one that infuses compassion, empathy, insight and very practical strategies into the therapeutic process.

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With such wisdom, kindness, and empathy, Hillary guided me on the bumpy and beautiful rollercoaster of first-time motherhood. I was fortunate to have Hillary’s support and cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her process—she’s incredible!

-S. Ballantine, West Hollywood

meet Dr. Hillary

Hillary Goldsher, PSY.D, MBA

Originally obtaining her MBA and working in corporate management for 15 years,

Dr. Goldsher ultimately found her life calling and pursued her doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.  Her unique combination of business and clinical experience specifically poise her to help individuals in a variety of contexts. Her goal is to guide her clients to manage complex feelings and issues with clarity and compassion. She offers support, insight and solutions to address the most taxing feelings, behaviors and issues.


Not many psychologists have the combination of business savvy, clinical insights, and practical experience raising a family while working, which Dr. Hillary Goldsher brings to her practice. There’s still a voicemail saved on my phone from advice she lovingly offered our family 4 years ago before a cross-country move.   If you’re seeking a therapist who can listen, empathize and guide you into your own power and transformation, there’s no better choice..

-E. Erenberg, Los angeles


Dr. Hillary takes on the often complex and treatment resistant issues around trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Additionally, Dr. Hillary does in depth work in the arena of relationships-guiding couples in all seasons of life (pre martial, married, separated, divorce/high conflict divorce etc.)  She also supports parents coping with challenging kids struggling with behavioral issues, anxiety, mood disorders and issues related to neurodiversity.  Finally, given Dr. Hillary’s MBA and longstanding work in the business arena, she regularly guides individuals in business struggling with various issues in their professional environment, offering a combination of therapeutic and executive coaching services.

Therapy Offerings


  • Offering:
  • Gentle support
  • Pointed insight
  • Management of symptoms
  • Cultivation of practical solutions

Couples/Family Help

  • Managing conflict
  • Enhancing communication
  • Improving intimacy
  • Supporting high conflict divorce
  • Creating positive co parenting relationship post divorce


  • Supporting kids with:
  • Anxiety
  • Mood disorder
  • Behavioral issues
  • Neurodiversity

Professional Support/Executive Coaching

  • Managing conflict
  • Engaging in self advocacy
  • Improving team productivity
  • Overcoming personal obstacles
  • Curating professional excellence

Help For Mamas

  • Loss of identity
  • Work/Life balance
  • Overwhelm/Depression/Anxiety associated with motherhood

Media Appearances

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Hillary is truly a kid-whisperer.  I’m a mom to three young kids and, through the years, have had a number of questions about the best ways to transition my children through some major changes in their lives.  Most recently, I called Hillary to help me plan for the transition of my live-in nanny, who had cared for my kids for 5 years.  She was family.  Needless to say, I was absolutely dreading the change because I feared it would forever traumatize my kids.  So, I called Hillary.  She immediately put me at ease and assured me we could get through this transition unscathed with some advance planning.  She listened closely to my concerns and then developed clear plan for me to execute in the weeks leading up to my nanny’s departure.  Fast forward six months, I have happy, well-adjusted kids, who embraced the change like champs.  Not only was Hillary’s plan immensely effective, it was a piece of cake to apply.  Her guidelines were clear but caring, and always put the children’s emotions first.  Simply, Hillary is the complete package: a nurturing mom to young kids herself; an utmost professional who provides science-driven and tested advice; a sympathetic friend who quickly identifies the root of your issues; and a genuinely caring human being.  Hillary … thank you for the years of wonderful advice, and for caring about the wellbeing of my kids as if they were yours!

-A. Nakamura, Los Angeles

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